Three weeks out of the year, this is my home.

At the beginning of the outreach tour, I made mention of how odd it was that as we began it was warm, comfy, springtime weather.  Usually the tour is a journey from darkest winter into brightest spring … this year it was exactly the opposite.  Cleveland Heights, Lakewood, Firestone High — these stops are supposed to be refreshing, sunny and pleasant.  They weren’t. I mean, the people were, the shows were, the weather has been dreary.  Thank goodness we finished today as there is already steady sleet this evening and the threat of ten inches of snow tomorrow.

Yesterday we visited the Northwest Branch of the Akron-Summit Library.  This stop is such fun because it is always a 1 o’clock on a weekday, promising a nice crowd of a dozen or two seniors and other folks who have time to spare in the middle of the afternoon — plus about a hundred kids from Firestone High who walk around the corner to join us.  It was a raucous good time.

Today we brought our tour to a close at Firestone High itself.  Mr. Z. always takes great care of us (okay, last year was a little kooky) and the place has a larger percentage of theater geeks than your average school.  We had a big, appreciative crowd.

Twice Told Tales was the longest outreach show I have done so far, most came in under an hour … with schtick this one usually clocked in at 1:05 or :10.  This provided little time for students to come up to us after a performance, at certain schools their day was over.  But so many Firestone kids really do want to know where you went to school to study drama, and some life recommendations.

After the show we had what is fast becoming an annual tradition — the farewell lunch at the Ghent Road Winking Lizard.  When your last performance is at 9:15 AM and you have loaded out at 11:30, and you are in Akron … I mean, hey.  Cheers!  Lisa and I dropped off the set at the Trane Ave. space, the costumes at the Hanna Bldg. costume shop, the office business at the offices and then said good-bye to the van for another year.

Complete Works opens the day after tomorrow, and I hope you got tickets because it is sold out!  Yay, opening night sell-out! As for me, I have to begin cramming for my solo performance which open in less than a month at Cleveland Public Theatre.  I hope you have enjoyed this trip through the 2011 Outreach Tour.

And now I will leave you, for the time has come for me to bring all words to an end, and offer you my humble thanks.

See you next February!


~ by dhansenx on March 10, 2011.

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